Tuesday, 25 November 2014

What I enjoyed in science

Over the last week room 10 room 11 room 12 were learning science we were rotating around the classes doing different experiments my favourite one was making ice cream in room 10 with mr Hillary it tasted very nice we used ice cubes,ice,vanilla essence and plastic bags the end result was very nice and we all enjoyed it 

Friday, 26 September 2014

Kiwiana painting in room 12

In room 12 we have been creating kiwiana masterpieces. Firstly we found a good picture from google  that was kiwiana then printed it out and sketched it then painted it this was mine
When the Komodo dragon attacks it goes straight for the neck …
the Komodo dragon is fascinating because it is the largest lizard on the globe. Full grown is around 140-150 kilograms but most of them weigh approximate 70 kilos they have dry scaly skin.

the Komodo dragons bacteria is deadly it can kill animals within seconds even humans or if its a big animal or human it takes days for it to die .

the Komodo's tongue is the thing that allows it to smell the tongue can smell up to a mile .
the Komodo dragons favourite foods contain bunnies ,birds ,buffalo and wild pig.
the Komodo dragon is attracted to blood just like sharks so if 1 Komodo bites an animal others will come and help so thats why they're so successful and always win the attack because they're smart.

The Komodo dragons predator are other Komodo dragons .they don't have any other predators because they are at  the top of their food chain.The young Komodo dragons hide in trees and bushes to avoid being attacked by another Komodo dragon.the Komodo dragon doesn't reach adulthood until approximately 8 to 9 years old.from then on they will become a predator of their own and not worry so much about becoming the prey.

the Komodo dragons are distributed throughout the lessersunda islands of rinca,Komodo, flores and the smaller islands of giii,montang and padder their natural habitat is extremely harsh. these arid volcanic islands have steep slopes and little available water throughout most of the year.a short monsoon season often produces local flooding. the average annual temperature is approximately 80 degres. they are situated mostly in the lower arid forest and savanna .their living conditions make them a very hardy lizard that can withstand changes in their natural habitat.

Geralds amazing hair

Once upon a time there was a lion named gerald, Who got all the ladies he wanted. Thanks to his hair. he admired his hair. everyday he would sprint around the jungle looking for a place to see his soft silky extraordinary hair. He would look in his reflection and would whisper to himself well you're a handsome looking  munchkin and then giggled.Everyday he would run to the puddles and look at his outstanding hair,but one beautiful blue sunny  morning he ran around the jungle and found no puddles because the sun had dried up all the puddles so gerald just screamed thinking that would help. Suddenly out came eric the elephant  they were talking and gerald told him everything eric felt sorry for him so he made him a deal eric said i can go down to the rivers and bring water in my trunk and make some puddles for you to look at gerald murmed to himself i am worth it so gerald said whats in it for you eric said every morning you fetch me some meet. gerald said he doesn't do meet so he bargained for veges and they agreed so everyday eric would get his veges and gerald would get him his reflection